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David Morrell

David Morrell

Senior Solution Advisor, Ottawa

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David has landed coverage in print with the Ottawa Business Journal and OEL. His knowledge and experience have led him to be awarded four times sales representative of the Year at PandaPay. In 2019, his team was named Team of the Year in sales. He currently partners with over 500 organizations across the country in almost every industry. 

"The only partnership that makes sense to me is the one where everyone wins and benefits from it. I invite you to contact me directly to find out how you and I can find mutual benefit by working together."

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Wendy Lewis

Owner/ Director of Finance Airzone HVAC Services

From an administrative perspective these terminals have all but stopped the requirement for our office staff having to ‘re-enter’ credit card information, not only saving time but more importantly allowing less chance of error due to reduced touch points. Thank you and your team for your attentiveness to us whether it be from a customer support perspective, terminal fix perspective or the purchase of additional terminals. Our partnership with your organization is integral to our business success and we look forward to growing with your team! Any small/ medium business would benefit from your products and services.

Jason Neal

Executive Director Siding and Window Dealer Assoc

I would like to thank you for contacting me two years ago to help both SAWDAC and its members with the high cost of credit card processing. PandaPay has become a great partner to have for both us and the members for credit card processing. With many members letting us know PandaPay has saved them thousands by using the PandaPay program pricing. The service has been great, and we haven't had any complaints from members. David and his team are always there to answer any questions we or the members have had. PandaPay stands out from the crowd as they aim to be a partner with a win-win- win attitude when you come to a deal them, the members and PandaPay. I would highly recomend PandaPay for credit card processing and the Affiliate Program for associations and members groups alike.

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