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Entee Ng

Entee Ng

Senior Solution Advisor, Vancouver

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Entee Ng partners with businesses to increase profitability & optimize overall financial outcomes. His experience in working with multiple sizes of businesses since the inception of PandaPay in British Columbia has led to his knowledge & understanding of where business financial processes are, to where they need to be. This has resulted in an overall net profit of thousands of dollars that has been put back into companies over the years and managing a total portfolio that processes over $30,000,000 in transactions annually. Entee knows that to drive growth in a business requires not only strong attention to finances, but also strong partnerships with transparency which for that reason maintains a dedicated on-going relationship with merchants in the community.

Entee is a preferred local Chamber Of Commerce Partner and a recognized leader at PandaPay, earning him multiple awards. His success is rooted from his ability to connect with merchants with a deep level of understanding their business and achieving optimal results. He is here to help you and your business.

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Dr. Sean Chiu

Owner Loft 19 Dental

When I met Entee from PandaPay I had no clue that I was overpaying so many service fees from my previous credit card payment services. Entee was so professional, caring and honest about what exactly I was being charged based on my past monthly credit card statements from Global Payments. It was shocking to see how much I was saving monthly (I’m talking about saving over $1000/month!) when I switched over to PandaPay. For any businesses out there, don’t ignore your monthly statements as you may be wrongfully being charged for service fees you were previously ignorant to. Get a free consultation from PandaPay and ask for Entee. He’s highly informative, honest and caring about saving you money and unnecessary fees for your business!


Owner Cloverdale Autobody

Had the pleasure of working with Entee Ng during the last few days and was pleasantly surprised with his honesty, integrity and patience. He took the time to go over the statement from my previous supplier and explained in detail where PandaPay could make some improvements. Once again, I would like to thank you for your great service!

Jacob Lau

Owner WestPoint Lighting

Great experience so far, Entee has been professional throughout the process, would definitely recommend that you give him 15 minutes for his presentation.

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