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Mathieu Papineau & Justin Blanchard

Mathieu Papineau & Justin Blanchard

Senior Solution Advisors, Gatineau

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Our names are Justin Blanchard-Pellerin & Mathieu Papineau; we’re childhood friends from small-town Embrun, Ontario. Growing up, we’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship and problem-solving. In 2017, we became clients of PandaPay with our online business. We made the switch because we realized that we were paying way too much in fees for our electronic payments and received little to no service when we needed it. 

Panday was in full growth, and so we thought if we could save this much every month and receive the first-class service, wouldn’t others in our community be happy to experience the same? The answer was yes, and so we started to refer clients and family members to PandaPay, and before we knew it, the word got around, and we decided to join forces with them to serve our local business community and change the face of payment processing in Canada for good.

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Michel Grondines

Président Vincent D’Amérique

Since our transaction fees kept increasing with our previous supplier, we were forced to shop the payment terminals for our 21 Vincent D'Amérique branches. After several analyzes with different suppliers, we chose PandaPay.

Patrick Chapman

Président Boutique Chapman

Excellent after-sales service and very competitive prices!

4.8 160 Reviews

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